Analytics & Consulting Services

A Collaborative Approach To Help You Transform Your Business Toward Improved ROI

Founded in 1994, TECHCOM is recognized as the industry thought leader and innovative solutions provider in the software technology and debt management industries. We have the capabilities and scale to combine multi-industry, operational, risk management and technology expertise to successfully manage transformation and deliver dramatic improvements through the entire customer or process lifecycle.

Outside of the technical aspect of our expertise and solutions, we bring more to the table – we bring our team. Our experts will engage you in stimulating discussions, raise intriguing yet practical solutions for consideration, guide you to the best decisions for your team, and help establish your roadmap to success.

For organizations seeking to drive greater performance from their debt management capabilities or simply seeking to benchmark their current state operational strategies and workflows, TECHCOM provides deep analytic and consulting expertise to assist organizations in improving performance – both efficiency and effectiveness.

With TECHCOM Analytics & Consulting, you can leverage our expertise to grow your business, drive higher revenue, improve efficiency and improve employee and customer engagement.

TECHCOM Analytics & Consulting Services provides focused expertise in the following areas:

  • Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics
  • Collections & Recovery Process Benchmarking and Transformation
  • Business Process Outsourcing: Third Party Management (Collection Agencies, Law Firms)
  • Debt Portfolio Sales
  • Technology Analysis and Transformation: Network, Hardware, Software and DRP-BCP Capabilities

Our support doesn’t end with just recommendations or planning. Our goal is to forge a partnership with your team to identify opportunities to leverage TECHCOM’s Managed Services and/or CRM solutions.