Debt Sale Consulting

Consulting services specific to debt sale consulting with regards to the distressed debt and insolvency portfolios targeted for sale.

Goal is to support our clients with the distressed debt and insolvency sale data file preparation, applicable analysis and the sharing of best industry practices to assist our clients in optimizing the sale value associated with the applicable portfolios in a manner that aligns with our client’s business priorities and objectives.

Our goal is to tailor each consulting proposal with flexible service options in order to provide our clients with effective strategic support. Our recommended approach is formulated based on an understanding of clients’ management team’s key objectives in order to initiate a bulk sale of the select distressed debt and/or insolvency accounts within a target portfolio within the next X days.

What We Offer

  • TECHCOM provides deep analytical and consulting expertise to assist organizations in improving performance across all stages of the collections and recovery life cycle.
  • With TECHCOM Consulting, our clients can draw upon additional expertise needed to help grow their business, drive higher revenue, and improve employee and customer engagement.
  • Founded in 1994, TECHCOM is recognized as the industry thought leader and most innovative solutions provider in the collections and recovery industry. We have the capabilities and scale to combine multi-industry, operational, risk management and technology expertise to successfully manage transformation and deliver improvements throughout the entire customer/debtor life cycle.

How TECHCOM Assists Our Clients

TECHCOM prepares proposals to assist our clients in addressing its key business priorities and objectives associated with the target portfolios which is detailed in a formal proposal document, and includes supporting our clients with the execution of bulk and/or forward flow sales of select insolvency accounts and distressed debt accounts within the target portfolios.