What is it? Simply put, it’s an extremely powerful yet easy to use decision engine. The TECHCOM Decision, Segmentation, Workflow (DSW) provides non-technical users with a fast, easy way to create, analyze and maintain in real-time decision strategies, workflow, and action/treatment levels using all available data from various sources.

Promote the Right Decisions that Drive Profitable Customer Relationships

  • Organizations looking to make significant impact on the customer experience and drive effective net return on investment are turning to the TECHCOM DSW to make profitable and efficient decisions through the customer lifecycle.
  • TECHCOM’s DSW is an enterprise wide solution that improves performance in every area of your business, including:
  • Marketing, Customer Acquisitions and Conquest Sales
  • Origination and Adjudication
  • Customer and Account Management
  • Retention and Churn
  • Collections and Recovery
  • Portfolio Sales

Easy for Your Business to Use

  • Via an intuitive GUI interface, business users can create, simulate, measure and optimize business rules, decision strategies, and treatments without the need for any coding or advanced math or science degrees.

Robust Framework & Scalable for Generating Value from Enterprise Data

  • Leverage any data and avoid (or even eliminate) the need for replication or consolidation: enterprise big data, historical data, data direct from legacy host systems, and/or external data.
  • Take advantage of an unlimited number of decision keys and treatments.
  • Access to a comprehensive simulation module to gain valuable insight regarding your strategy in advance of deployment thereby reducing the risk of unexpected strategy design impacts by accurately predicting how your new or amended strategy will respond to current and historical account and volume scenarios.
  • TECHCOM’s DSW accepts multiple inbound data streams and provides for multiple post-decision, segmentation, workflow outbound data streams.

Quicker Time to Value

  • Business access to an easy-to-use yet robust analysis and simulation tool.
  • Straight forward creation of champion/challenger strategies.
  • Vastly improved simulation testing and implementation timelines so as to achieve benefits faster.

Visibility & Transparency into Strategy Performance

  • Take a deep dive into your data and strategy results to identify even the most complex patterns and trends.
  • Identify highly predicable models that can significantly improve the probability of desirable outcomes through any stage of the customer lifecycle.
  • Dynamic real-time reporting tools provide immediate insight into the performance of strategies enabling business users to rapidly assess and modify strategies to drive continuous improvement.

Coordinate Strategies Across Your Enterprise

  • Deploy and coordinate strategies across every channel, whether for customer facing sales, service interactions or internal CRM activities.

Scalable, Available, Flexible and Integrated

  • Designed to support virtually any organizational structure and its scalable architecture accommodates even the largest data volumes.
  • Our hosted solution ensures your team has access when and how they need it…secure, compliant, uninterrupted, 24-7-365 monitored, and DR-BC ready.
  • Can act as a stand-alone system or be integrated with existing host systems, including product and data warehouse environments, as well as be integrated into any TECHCOM industry leading solution enabling for the upstream and downstream exchange of high volume customer, account and payment related data in near real-time or in batch.