Streamlined and robust bureau data acquisition, communication and management capabilities are within your reach! Designed for any team requiring a credit bureau to make decisions or facilitate processes, TECHCOM BureauMax offers a secure and easy-to-use interface to create an efficient and effective means of data capture, data retrieval and data management.
TECHCOM BureauMax provides organizations greater control over the management of credit bureaus from the initial bureau request, how it is presented and how it is leveraged through decisions and process workflows. These operational levers result in quicker, well informed and consistent decisions, along with improved customer service and lower operational costs for the organization.

360⁰ View of the Customer Relationship Across the Enterprise

  • Accounts for the same customer can be linked enabling a credit grantor to compare, merge or remove duplicate credit bureaus previously captured for other accounts for the same customer.
  • Deploy and coordinate credit bureau information across every channel whether for customer facing sales, service interactions or internal CRM activities.

Speed and Accuracy = Quicker Time to Value and Control Over Information Leveraged

  • Real-time request and retrieve access to credit bureaus so your team has the ability to make quicker decisions and your workflows can progress at a heightened pace.
  • System edits incorporating a variety of rules including an organization’s credit bureau policy and file format requirements ensures the bureau information presented is accurate and efficient.
  • Dynamic and flexible configuration tools enable an organization to control how detailed credit bureau information is interpreted, with the output available for credit scoring, exception reviews and decisioning purposes.

Protect Customer Sensitive Information

  • TECHCOM interfaces with the major consumer and business credit reporting agencies and bureaus via TECHCOM LAND-NET, a secure non-internet private network, to ensure data is not at risk of being compromised or intercepted when transmitted over the internet.

Complete Visibility into Credit Bureau Activity and Fees

  • Comprehensive reporting available so your team can effectively track, monitor, and manage credit bureau activity and fees at the department, user and customer level.

Seamless Failover to Alternate Credit Bureaus

  • If one credit bureau is experiencing a disruption in service, TECHCOM BureauMax can be configured to route bureau requests from your primary bureau to an alternate bureau.

Scalable, Available, Flexible, Integrated

  • Designed to support virtually any organizational structure and its scalable architecture accommodates even the largest volumes.
  • Our hosted solution ensures your team has access when and how they need it…secure, compliant, uninterrupted, 24-7-365 monitored, and DR-BC ready.
  • Configurations can quickly be performed by authorized business users via dynamic self-serve admin options.
  • Can be fully integrated into any TECHCOM solution and host systems enabling for the upstream and downstream exchange of high volume customer, account and payment related data in near real time or in batch.