TECHCOM Business Intelligence

BIM is an ETL solution used to capture data and lookup tables in order to create a standard “out of box” suite of data files for analysis and reporting.  BIM is licensed as a bolt-on solution and can integrate with the other TECHCOM CRM solutions.

The TECHCOM Business Intelligence (BI) solution provides a set of data files for the TECHCOM application. To support / continue to support the client requirements, extracts of collections data required for the TECHCOM application are passed from TECHCOM to the client on a scheduled basis (daily, weekly or monthly).  The TECHCOM BI module extracts include customer information updates, lookup tables, and financial transactions.

The TECHCOM BI Module provides a set of fixed format data files with the following

  • Customer information updates
  • Look-up tables
  • Financial transactions
  • Activity based data where applicable
  • Keys are used to connect account records (e.g. Customer ID, branch and/or account number, TECHCOM tracking sequence number, etc.)

Impact to Other Systems and/or Processes

  • An impact assessment will be required for the integration of the TECHCOM BI Module and subsequent file creation as part of an existing batch process/timing between TECHCOM and the client. The objective of the impact assessment is to confirm the optimal time to produce the files on a scheduled basis without impacting existing batch processing, batch file extraction or processing and/or user activity, while at the same time keeping in mind the ‘date’ of the data to be provided to the client, e.g. ‘n minus 1’, ‘n minus two’, etc.

TECHCOM BI Module File Creation – Timing & Availability

  • The TECHCOM BI module can be integrated to produce files on a scheduled basis (daily, weekly or monthly). As part of the implementation project, TECHCOM works with the client to analyze the existing batch timing details, and confirms the optimal time for the TECHCOM BI module files to be extracted and sent to the client.

Communication Interfaces

  • All files will be transmitted via SFTP using the client-identified User ID to the client-specified and accessible TECHCOM Landing Zone (LZ). If the primary TECHCOM LZ is not available, the files will automatically be transmitted to the secondary TECHCOM LZ. The files will be encrypted.