TECHCOM Co-Location

Co-location is all about peace of mind. It’s harmony you enjoy from knowing your data servers are in the best of hands with TECHCOM.

When you house your server hardware, application software and networking equipment in a TECHCOM operation centre, you will be confident your assets are secure in our fully power-redundant facilities. Businesses trust TECHCOM with their mission-critical hosting, business continuity and disaster recovery needs, and they know TECHCOM Co-Location services help them reduce capital costs and improve service levels so they can focus more energy on their core business.

Robust Security

  • Your valuable Information Technology assets are safeguarded against man-made and natural disasters.
  • Our operation centre locations are designed to withstand extreme weather events and prevent unauthorized access to your TECHCOM operation centre space.
  • TECHCOM offers a wide range of managed security services to help your organization prevent potential data compromises, network breaches and unauthorized system access.

Uninterrupted Power, Redundancy and DR Ready

  • To protect your technology investments and deliver the infrastructure availability you need, TECHCOM utilizes power management, power monitoring, advanced fire suppression, and HVAC systems coupled with a secure, redundant and reliable MPLS fiber-based network infrastructure.
  • TECHCOM’s operation centres are built with redundancy at top of mind (including redundant cooling systems, diverse path and redundant network connections, natural gas generators, etc.) to prevent “single points of failure”.
  • TECHCOM continues to fully test our infrastructure at set intervals to confirm we are always ready to provide a complete disaster recovery and business continuity solution.

Broad Network Connectivity

  • TECHCOM’s high availability network and carrier connections provide a strong, reliable global reach, allowing access quickly and conveniently.
  • TECHCOM leverages geographical diversity to provide our customers with failover and redundancy capabilities.
  • TECHCOM Co-Location services are offered in North America (including the Caribbean), the UK, and the Asia-Pacific region, allowing you to address business continuity and disaster recovery objectives.

24-7-365 Monitoring & Support

  • TECHCOM services automatically include 24-7-365 operation centre monitoring.
  • When you want or need to attend onsite, enjoy 24-7-365 unescorted access to your equipment knowing you won’t bump into anyone else other than authorized personnel.
  • When you can’t be onsite, rely on our friendly support specialists to handle routine reviews and/or minor issues on your behalf to save you a trip.
  • Leverage TECHCOM’s infrastructure professionals who have extensive technical, management and IT support experience.

Strict Compliance

  • TECHCOM’s CSAE 3416 and PCI DSS certifications ensure TECHCOM meets or exceeds industry best practices.