The delicate balance between optimizing call centre efficiencies with enriched customer contact data and yet enhancing the customer experience may feel as if you have to trade one for the other. With TECHCOM DataMAX however, you can achieve both! This dynamic workflow solution provides access to intelligent contact data for a 360⁰ view of the customer to optimize any interaction.
Designed for any team needing to validate and enrich customer contact records for decisioning or leveraging in workflow processes, TECHCOM DataMAX offers a secure and easy-to-use interface to a variety of external data sources creating an efficient and effective means of data capture, data retrieval and data management.

Full Suite of Contact Data Enrichment Services
Flexibility to select one or more services to manage business needs and costs.
1. Address and Phone Internal Host Validation: Compare your existing data to new data.
2. Address Formatting and Correction: Ensure mailing addresses are displayed in the proper mailing format (including valid postal codes) to increase deliverability of mail.
3. National Change of Address: Access to up-to-date mover information to update addresses if a customer is relocating.
4. Phone and/or Address Validation & Append: Cross reference sets of addresses and/or phone numbers to identify mismatches and/or new details.
5. Deceased Validation: Identify customers reported as deceased.
6. Insolvency Validation: Identify customers reported as Bankrupt or who have applied for a Consumer Proposal.
7. Credit Counselling Validation: Identify customers in credit counselling.

Benefits You Can Realize Immediately

  • Near real-time cleansing of customer lists therefore eliminating internal workflow and/or processing delays.
  • Improve customer contact rates by improving mail deliverability and phone right party connect, and correspondingly save costs associated with returned mail and no phone connects.
  • Opportunity to save postal costs by qualifying for mailing carrier discounts for mail accuracy and standardization.
  • Eliminate the negative experience that may occur when attempting to contact a deceased customer.
  • Redirect internal resources assigned to internal address/phone cleansing and locate activities to other tasks to benefit the organization further.

360⁰ View of the Customer Relationship

  • Accounts for the same customer can be linked enabling a credit grantor to compare, merge or remove duplicate contact records previously captured for other accounts belonging to the same customer.
  • Deploy and coordinate enriched contact information across every channel whether for customer facing sales, service interactions or internal CRM activities.

Speed and Accuracy = Quicker Time to Value and Control Over Information Leveraged

  • Real-time request and retrieve access to data enrichment services so your team has the ability to make quicker decisions and your workflows can progress at a heightened pace.
  • System edits incorporating a variety of rules including an organization’s customer contact data policy and file format requirements ensures the contact information presented is accurate and efficient.

Scalable, Available and Integrated

  • Designed to support virtually any organizational structure and its scalable architecture accommodates even the largest data volumes.
  • Our hosted solution ensures your team has access when and how they need it…secure, compliant, uninterrupted, 24-7-365 monitored, and DR-BC ready.

Can be fully integrated into any TECHCOM solution and host systems enabling for the upstream and downstream exchange of high volume customer, account and payment related data in near real time or in batch, including:

  • Address validation and locate as part of a TECHCOM Managed Services Direct Mail initiative
  • Phone validation and locate as part of a TECHCOM Dialer, IVR and IVM solution