Whether your organization has one, two, hundreds, or thousands of locations…here in Canada or around the world…your team needs to be connected quickly and conveniently.

TECHCOM LAND-NET is a private network solution managed by TECHCOM based on MPLS (wherever available) that will improve your organization’s network speed and simplify your network architecture, while helping you achieve cost savings.

Robust Security

  • Access designed with a wide range of security controls to help your organization prevent potential data compromises, network breaches and unauthorized system access while maintaining exceptional data integrity.
  • Minimum of 128-bit SSL encryption, however higher levels of encryption are available.

Broad Network Connectivity

  • TECHCOM’s high availability network and carrier connections provide a strong, reliable global reach, allowing access quickly and conveniently.
  • TECHCOM leverages geographical diversity to provide our customers with failover and redundancy capabilities.
  • Low to high usage options are available with the selected bandwidth guaranteed and never shared between network points thereby ensuring the predictability of traffic within the network, and in fact, the MPLS cloud and connectivity to TECHCOM’s operation centres ensures we are oversubscribed.

Maximize Productivity

  • Connect all your locations, minimize hardware usage and prioritize data traffic so your corporate data systems run effectively, even when the network is at it’s busiest.
  • To support disaster recovery and business continuity plans, TECHCOM LAND-NET coupled with TECHCOM SKY-NET minimizes your team’s down time in the event of an access outage by preventing a “single point of failure” and allowing users to maintain continuous work activities.
  • TECHCOM’s team of experts manages the network monitoring, event notification, change management, capacity and compliance reviews, and specialized support so you can dedicate your organization’s time and resources to your core business tasks.

24-7-365 Monitoring & Support

  • TECHCOM services automatically include 24-7-365 system health and network monitoring, along with TECHCOM’s friendly call centre reps available in both official languages.

Strict Compliance

  • TECHCOM’s CSAE 3416 and PCI-DSS certifications ensure TECHCOM meets or exceeds industry best practices.