TECHCOM Correspondence (Letters, Forms, Email & SMS)

Organizing the content of letters, forms, email and SMS messages – sometimes in multiple languages – can be a daunting task. Delivery methods via 3rd party partners can also be complex, and costly. And later, finding what you sent to a customer and/or further replying to the customer’s response can leave an organization with multiple platforms, processes and storage locations that users have to navigate in order to successfully manage customer interactions.
Imagine being able to manage customer correspondence at the click of a button – without needing someone to code it. Better yet, imagine being able to initiate and then access all customer correspondence in one spot at the account or customer profile level. You can do this and more with the TECHCOM Correspondence solution for letters, forms, emails and SMS (or some combination thereof) integrated within a TECHCOM platform.

Correspondence Creation and Management

  • Intuitive business-friendly screens and functions.
  • Quick and easy access to create, edit, or enable/disable letters, forms, templates, and email or SMS messages directly within the TECHCOM platform with minimal, if any, TECHCOM involvement.
  • Manage the body of the correspondence as well as the headers and footers, including the ability to insert tables and graphics/images.
  • Access to real-time spell checking as you edit content that can be configured to support any language.
  • Leverage an approval process to ensure correspondence meets your organization’s marketing, legal and wording requirements prior to being used in a production environment.

360⁰ View of the Customer Relationship

  • Easy access to a complete view of the customer since correspondence can be accessed at the customer level thereby ensuring the agent servicing a particular account has full visibility into the customer relationship and status.

Efficiently Manage Company Costs

  • Eliminate the cost of leveraging 3rd party vendors to create/manage and send correspondence (letters, forms, emails or SMS messages) from your organization to your customers.

Flexible and Integrated

  • Configurations can quickly be performed by authorized business users via dynamic self-serve admin options.
  • Can be fully integrated into any TECHCOM CRM solution including the TECHCOM DSW.
  • A dynamic decisioning, segmentation and workflow engine providing advanced decisioning capabilities to identify and initiate the applicable customer correspondence automatically, without having to be triggered by a user.
  • Business access to an easy to use yet robust and comprehensive analysis and simulation tool to gain valuable insight regarding your strategy in advance of deployment thereby reducing the risk of unexpected strategy design impacts by accurately predicting how your new or amended strategy will respond to current and historical account and volume scenarios.
  • Dynamic real-time reporting tools provide immediate insight into the performance of strategies enabling business users to rapidly assess and modify strategies to drive continuous improvement.
  • Straight forward creation of champion/challenger strategies.
  • Vastly improved simulation testing and implementation timelines so as to achieve benefits faster.

Security, Audit Trails and Storage
Secure repository designed to provide organizations with comprehensive security and audit controls protecting sensitive customer information, including:

  • Grant and revoke individual access to create and manage correspondence templates, send correspondence, or review previously sent correspondence.
  • Robust audit trails so you know what happened and when, including user name, date and time stamp details.
  • Unified rules driven platform for managing regulatory and compliance details.
  • All correspondence is tracked so it can easily be searched, accessed and reviewed for complaint handling, agent coaching, and audit.
  • No need to store correspondence (which may contain sensitive customer data) on tape back-ups or in hard copy, therefore eliminating on/offsite storage costs since correspondence is stored within the TECHCOM solution.
  • Ability to configure the TECHCOM solution to store correspondence as long as you need and per your retention and data destruction policy.

Scalable and Available

  • Designed to support virtually any organizational structure and its scalable architecture accommodates even the largest correspondence volumes.
  • Our hosted solution ensures your team has access when and how they need it…secure, compliant, uninterrupted, 24-7-365 monitored, and DR-BC ready.