TECHCOM Online Chat

Do you want to bring your support processes firmly into the 21st century? Well do we have the solution for you!
Regardless of the product and/or service you provide, most (if not all) customers would like to avoid waiting for information they are looking for. TECHCOM Online Chat is the next step in the evolution of customer support, allowing customers to connect with one of your agents online.

TECHCOM’s Online Chat solution delivers increased customer satisfaction, which leads to increased revenue, and also allows organizations to save money when providing support.

Improve Customer Loyalty via Enhanced Options

  • Allow your customers to select the most convenient way for them to talk to an agent.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing near-real-time responses to questions and faster resolution to requests.
  • Easy to use – no need for training.

Optimize Agent Productivity, Monitoring and Escalations

  • Intuitive graphic user interfaces for agents and managers – start using the tool with ~5 minutes of training.
  • Each agent can have multiple chats open, however the agent can only participate in one chat at a time so focus on the specific customer is maintained and conversations don’t overlap.
  • Manager mode allows managers to monitor chats and post messages that only the agent is able to view (e.g. to provide behind the scenes support and coaching).
  • In a B2B environment, the tool can be configured to indicate from which company and/or department the request is coming from, allowing your support team to direct enquiries to the agent best suited to deal with that company/department.
  • If a session needs to be escalated to a Manager, it takes only the click of a button…no need to set up a call back or put the customer “on hold”…and the Manager receives all the details of the conversation.

Lower Costs

  • By having agents handling multiple chats at once, organizations can reduce the number of staff needed at any one time to handle customer requests.
  • Reduce the dependency on costly phone based solutions for customer support.

Efficiently Tracking Conversations

  • All activity is tracked so conversations can easily be searched, accessed and reviewed for complaint handling, agent coaching, and audit.
  • Reduce (or eliminate) the need for emails, which can easily be misplaced, be hard to find later and/or an insecure method of communication over the internet.

Scalable, Available and Integrated

  • Designed to support virtually any organizational structure and its scalable architecture accommodates even the largest conversation volumes.
  • Our hosted solution ensures your team has access when and how they need it…secure, compliant, uninterrupted, 24-7-365 monitored, and DR-BC ready.
  • Can be integrated into any TECHCOM industry leading solution.