Fraud Management

Managing the customer experience when fraud hits – making it as comfortable as possible

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Ingest fraud specific data, auto-generate affidavits and interact with the customer using the channel of their choice with the fraud case management configuration of the TECHCOM Customer Relationship Manager.

Fraud Case Management​

Fraud continues to be challenging.  Fraud continues to be sophisticated, often consisting of many layers and almost always challenging to get a grip of.  Outside of the obvious financial burden fraud places on financial institutions, who it hits the hardest is the customer.  Customers are increasingly being met with unauthorized transactions listed on the statement or a transaction decline when standing at a retail counter when trying to make a purchase.  The experience is not the greatest for the customer, and is equally as challenging for the employee at the financial institution that interacts with the customer dealing with fraud.

With the fraud management configuration of the TECHCOM Customer Relationship Manager make the fraud experience as efficient as possible for both the customer and employee.  Manage fraud specific case management and workflow activities such as customer correspondence and affidavits, personalized, on a customer by customer basis and use TECHCOM OMNI-One to connect and correspond with your customer at each stage of the fraud management process.

Fraud Detection System*

As the digital economy continues to evolve, more and more new product applications are happening online, translating into less face-to-face interaction with the customer.  This gives fraudsters the ability to hide behind stolen or fabricated identities, using these identities to open accounts and access money, goods and services they have no intention of repaying.  It is important to try to stop those with the intention of committing fraud at the point of origin.

As part of the TECHCOM 2020 road map, inflight fraud detection will be introduced as a capability of the TECHCOM Decision Segmentation Workflow process manager and strategy engine.  Enter your fraud detection strategies that examine transactional inflight and historical data, combine this with internal and 3rd party data sources, in real-time, in an effort to identify potential fraudulent activities.

The TECHCOM Fraud Detection system will help detect potential fraud by using your identity-based threat monitoring strategies and attempt to stop fraud at the point of origin.


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