Advisory, Consulting and Innovation

The TECHCOM approach – we listen to your needs, we understand the way you do business, we work within your defined boundaries to recommend practical and innovative solutions – all that can be quantitatively validated.

Let us bring the experience we have obtained over the last 25 years working with different professionals and technologies across multiple industries.

Advisory and Consulting

Our Experience – We understand the unique ecosystems for each of the clients we serve and work with the experts of each client system and operational area to ensure we have a complete understanding of up and down stream systems, people and processes.

Our Relationships – Since the early 2000’s we have been working with hardware and network infrastructure partners to build solutions that connect clients with their service providers.  Today, we work with these same infrastructure partners to build and grow our TECHCOM Cloud.  As our enterprise software is introduced to an industry, so do those industry experts become members of the TECHCOM Cloud.  As members of the TECHCOM Cloud, these experts become an available extension to each of our clients – and offer services including staff augmentation, professional services and geographically dispersed disaster recovery and business continuity alternatives.

Let us bring our experience and relationships to you.  By using TECHCOM Advisory and Consulting services, we listen to your needs, we understand the way you do business, we work within your defined boundaries to recommend practical innovative solutions and we work to provide insight and recommendations into best practices focused on helping you elevate your business.


Our objective – to deliver a configurable data and product agnostic software product that can be used in virtually any industry to manage the account life cycle, customer interaction and the customer relationship.  We continue to elevate our capabilities with each new release of our core TECHCOM Cloud based enterprise solution.

We see innovation as constantly looking for ways to create intuitive solutions focused on elevating the effectiveness of systems, processes and people.

Hence our trademarked phrase systems. processes. people. simplified.

Having an innovator work with you is important to help you discover hidden value in the systems you use and the processes and people you have.

Let TECHCOM help you innovate.  By engaging our technology and consulting experts, we are confident that we will learn how you do business and help you create the right technology and business strategy, establish your business case and work with you to identify an achievable roadmap.

Consulting & Managed Services

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