Plug into our TECHCOM Cloud based solutions that extends our network, technology and services to your front door making you and the products and services you offer a member organization of our growing community of professionals

systems. processes. people. simplified.

As our enterprise software is introduced to an industry, so do those industry experts become members of the TECHCOM Cloud.  As members of the TECHCOM Cloud, these professionals become an available extension to each of our clients and offer services including staff augmentation, professional services and geographically dispersed disaster recovery and business continuity alternatives.


TECHCOM provides a modern and customer-centric approach to client’s transformation into the digital world through industry expertise, relying on emerging technologies, and enhancing the functions of your business.  TECHCOM is a scalable partner to your business that assists you in transcending cost efficiencies to an improved customer experience, supplying you with proactive advice, intelligent automation technologies, deep analytics for customer insights, and multiple capabilities to serve your customers at any time.

From the outset we recognized that our TECHCOM Cloud enterprise solution offering had to meet and where possible exceed the functionality and capability requirements of each business and operational area while ensuring adherence to strict regulation, audit and compliance requirements all with each component of our solution offering having the inherent ability to scale to keep pace with volume fluctuations resulting from unpredictable market and economic conditions and the impact these have to your customers.

In an effort to provide a full and complete end-to-end solution offering, the TECHCOM Cloud enterprise solution includes scalable:

Software Applications

TECHCOM software applications

Managed Hardware Network

TECHCOM provided and managed hardware and network infrastructure


TECHCOM support and training

Advisory, Consulting and Innovation

TECHCOM advisory and consulting

Managed Services

TECHCOM managed services and business process outsourcing


TECHCOM network of professionals – a managed TECHCOM™ Cloud network of suppliers available to each of our clients

Our cloud solution does much more than provide cloud based infrastructure, it provides a national network of professionals – available to you and your business – real-time

Looking to engage experts in fields that include call centre, customer service, property and real estate management, lending, legal, default management or insolvency? Become a Client member organization of the TECHCOM Cloud network of professionals and securely extend our platform to authorized Supplier member agents who work from the same TECHCOM platform as you, in real-time

As a Supplier member organization of the TECHCOM Cloud you’ll be able to offer your strategic and operational expertise to our financial and government Client members. Let us handle the network and technology infrastructure, you provide the people

With mirrored data centres, we provide hosted cloud infrastructure, software as a service (SaaS), application service provider (ASP), managed services and business process outsource (BPO) solutions. Our strategy and workflow engine, customer relationship and interaction case management GUI, OMNI contact channel and our reporting, analytics and business intelligence ecosystem can be plugged into you're existing environment in whole or in part

During these COVID-19 times, our cloud infrastructure and our people cloud has seamlessly responded to our Clients increased needs... and is at the ready - to support you and your business

systems. processes. people. simplified.

Sign up and be a member of the TECHCOM™ Cloud today!

Private Cloud

The TECHCOMPrivate Cloud segment is made up of the TECHCOM LAND-NET land-line based network and consists of dedicated IT infrastructure deployed solely for a single organization that has strict industry regulations, compliance and audit requirements

Hybrid Cloud

The TECHCOMHybrid Cloud segment is limited to the TECHCOM SKY-NET last mile network connectivity via the public wireless network and is used as a limited-use redundancy activated only in the event of a TECHCOM LAND-NET land-line failure at one of our member organization offices

Public Cloud

Software as a Service model for small to midsize user (1-20) and account requirements accessible over the Internet as-a-service under a pay-per-use model.  For organizations wanting access quickly with flexible or lenient regulatory, compliance and audit requirements*

The TECHCOMCloud enterprise solution is based primarily on a private cloud services model with the last mile network access having components of a hybrid cloud services network contingency.  Our cloud based offering includes a national network connecting experts in different industries, effectively creating an ecosystem of partners that a client could contract for service.

To learn more about becoming a member of the TECHCOM Cloud network of professionals please send us an email to

Questions? Contact us to learn more.

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