The TECHCOM Cloud based solution allows us to extend our network to your front door making your organization a member partner of our national network of professionals

systems. processes. people. simplified.

Our objective – to continuously enhance our configurable data and product agnostic software product so that it can be used in virtually any industry to manage the account life cycle, customer interaction and the customer relationship.  We continue to elevate our capabilities with each new release of our core TECHCOM Cloud based enterprise solution.

Techcom ai


Decision Management

Originations, Adjudication and Decision Management

Marketing, Customer Acquisition and Retention​

Marketing and Customer Acquisition

CRM and Customer Experience

Customer Relationship Manager and the Customer Experience

Digital Contact Channels​

Customer Interaction and Contact Channel Options

Collection Recovery

Default Management – Collections and Recovery

Fraud Management​

Fraud Management


Analytics, Reporting and Business Intelligence

Customer Refinancing and Retention

Customer Refinancing and Retention

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