Our vision is to continue to enhance our data and product agnostic solution offering so that it can be used in virtually any industry

We got our start in the financial and government sectors and then began executing a corporate strategy to introduce our technology to other industries to keep pace with the always evolving needs of our customers. Today, more and more organizations are offering products and services in different industries, often leveraging economies of scale to present a cost effective diversified offering to each customer.

The TECHCOM data and product agnostic technology platform empowers organizations to offer products spanning multiple industries while providing a 360° customer view – ensuring all customer interactions across products are centralized so as to achieve a unified and favorable customer and employee experience.

Banking and Credit Unions




Auto Finance

Alternative Finance

Utilities – Telecom and Natural Resources​


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Use the TECHCOM data and product agnostic enterprise solution to unify products and services, geographically dispersed operations and external partner suppliers – and deliver an integrated customer view and interaction.

Our technology and consulting products and services are dedicated to supporting your business to

  • Deliver an agile and personalized customer experience
  • Optimize operational efficiencies
  • Focus on risk-based growth
  • Reduce losses
  • Iteratively improve overall performance
  • Manage an effective privacy and data classification strategy that aligns to your compliance needs

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