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Bring geographically dispersed professionals together using meeting and collaboration tools powered by TECHCOM™ Rendezvous
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Let us work with you to explore opportunities to introduce artificial intelligence machine learning to your business

Customer Relationship Manager configuration for Lenders – Mortgage Renewals
Our next generation TECHCOM™Customer Relationship Manager configuration automates the end to end mortgage renewal process, introduces efficiences, reduces processing costs and enhances the customer and employee experience

Embrace our configurable and scalable AI ML ready solution that offers automated customer-direct OMNI contact channels, full document storage, comprehensive mortgage portfolio reporting and real-time rules based task driven workflows
Techcom OMNI-One
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Connect with your customers the way they want to interact and communicate with you
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Who We Are

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario Canada, TECHCOM continues to focus on building innovative data agnostic technology platforms containing functionality and capability that spans all stages of the customer account life cycle allowing organizations to effectively communicate, interact and collaborate across and outside the enterprise – enabling geographically dispersed business operations to efficiently operate while also having embedded capability that extends the platform to external partner suppliers who operate on the TECHCOM technology in real-time.

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Products and Solutions

We support the technology areas of an organization by delivering best-in-class solutions to employees and customers.

TECHCOM OMNI-One Digital Contact Channels

Our hosted TECHCOM OMNI-One solution ensures your customers interact with you using the channel of their choice when and how they want via secure, self-serve, compliant, uninterrupted, 24-7-365 disaster recovery-business continuity enabled services.

TECHCOM Fraud Management

Ingest fraud specific data, auto-generate affidavits and interact with the fraud-impacted customer using the channel of their choice via TECHCOM OMNI-One with the fraud management configuration of the TECHCOM Customer Relationship Manager.

Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Retention and Cross-Selling

Use the TECHCOM Decision Segmentation Workflow process manager and strategy engine to combine your available customer data attributes with marketing and economic data and identify new or existing customers that are eligible for new products or services (cross-sell), notify them using the contact channel of their choice via TECHCOM OMNI-One and track all customer interactions on the TECHCOM CRM – providing feedback to the TECHCOM Decision Segmentation Workflow process manager and strategy engine – forming an ecosystem focused on enhancing the customer experience using data driven and tailored insights.


Our configurable data agnostic multi-functional technology allows our solutions to be used to automate and introduce efficiencies in virtually all industries.

Banking and Credit Unions



Auto Finance


Alternative Finance


Utilities Energy and Natural Resources

Services and Support

Our goal is to continue to bring to market enhanced intuitive technology solutions with embedded self-service capability – with integrated training and support tools and a team of experts ready to assist.

Advisory, Consulting and Innovation

Advisory, Consulting & Innovation

The TECHCOM approach – we listen to your needs, we understand the way you do business, we work within your defined boundaries to recommend practical and innovative solutions – all that can be quantitatively validated. LEARN MORE

Customer Support

Each of our technology solutions comes with TECHCOM providing all hardware, software and infrastructure – with access to real-time online support. Learn More
Managed Services

Managed Services & Business Processing Outsource (BPO)

Our team of experts and select supplier organizations of our TECHCOM Cloud partner network combine to provide a complete end to end business operations and technology solution for your organization. LEARN MORE


We are experts in the technology we build and the industries we serve – leverage our online training guides and our team to get the most of what TECHCOM solutions offer. LEARN MORE
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