TECHCOM – Supporting Women in Technology

TECHCOM – Supporting Women in Technology

Woman in Technology

March 8, 2021 – Woodbridge, ON –

At TECHCOM™, we are excited to continue to promote and support women in leadership roles so they can continue to inspire their peers.  We are an equal opportunity employer, and in real practical terms we continue to forge a work place where all are given equal opportunity to succeed across all roles within our organization.


We pride ourselves on diversity and benefit from our multicultural staff.  While our approach to hiring is to seek out the best candidate for a job, we sample a multitude of colleges, universities and employment services in order to find those with skills and experience – that may or may not fit the traditional role.

Diversity and perspective make us stronger. 

Over the last few years, a member of our executive team participates regularly in an industry led panel at a notable educational institution and provides recommendations on their curriculum as well as guidance on where technology is heading across multiple industries.

We are very active in supporting college and university co op programs, and co op students are mentored by various TECHCOM™ executives across our organization.  The goal – to help prepare the students for life after school and remind them to: remain curious and engaged, be respectful and humble, not become complacent or take things for granted, work on figuring things out on their own, and, above all remind them to always believe in themselves and continue to learn.


So yes, we at TECHCOM™ are proud to support and congratulate women everywhere on International Women’s Day.  And we go a step further by striving for a culture at TECHCOM™ that make each day “people day”.  We will remain committed to supporting diversity, inclusion and equality across all disciplines within our organization and beyond – each and every day.

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