TECHCOM – CN Tower Climb for United Way

TECHCOM – CN Tower Climb for United Way


November 2nd, 2019 – Toronto, ON – TECHCOM™ in support of the 2019 United Way CN Tower Climb

A group of TECHCOM team members challenged themselves to climbing up the CN Tower in support of the United Way.  Four members of the team were tackling the 1,776 step climb up the tower for the first time but were not daunted by the challenge.  Spirits were high in advance of their journey and although some of the “rookies” were a bit concerned making it the whole way, they were re-assured by the “vets” that if they set their pace, they’d be up in no time.

Some team members set the pace early on and took off from the base of the tower while others established a good rhythm with some hopefuls letting everyone know they’d see them at the top as they took their time to ensure they would finish the climb.  As the climbers ascended, discomfort began to set in but everyone kept moving upward inching closer and closer to the top.

Overall, everyone on the team finished the climb and each was proud of their achievements.  The team celebrated with a well-deserved breakfast at a nearby diner to rave about their experience and strategize on what they would do differently next time.

The team raised just over $1,000 for the United Way backed by the support of TECHCOM.  Everyone agreed it was a momentous event and look forward to growing the team to a bigger group in years to come.

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TECHCOM is a proud supporter of various local and national charitable initiatives and wishes to thank everyone who donated their time and support to the 2019 United Way CN Tower Climb.

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