Analytics, Reporting and Business Intelligence

Feed big-data lakes and enterprise reporting suites with data attributes available to any TECHCOM solution using TECHCOM Business Intelligence

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Facilitate productive decision-making with TECHCOM Business Intelligence – a tool that makes different data types available for data science, analytics and mining.  Discover insights from past outcomes to enhance the current and future day employee and customer experience by establishing quantitative metrics revealed from within the continuous feedback loop of data made available via TECHCOM Business Intelligence

The TECHCOM Business Intelligence Advantage

Use TECHCOM Business Intelligence to gain access to key demographic, activity and performance data available on or to any TECHCOM solution and use this data to analyze, unify or discover insights to enhance current day decisions and feed learning technologies, effectively elevating automation by:

What you get with TECHCOM Business Intelligence

With TECHCOM Business Intelligence you get data available on or to any TECHCOM solution based on standard out of box data file layouts and on a scheduled daily, weekly or monthly basis. Use this data to examine historical or current day operation or portfolio performance and results and complete analytics to estimate, predict and preempt the outcomes and behavior of future data having same or similar characteristics.

TECHCOM Reporting and Analytics

Track and report on a multitude of metrics available on any TECHCOM Cloud enterprise solution including portfolio performance, employee KPIs, audit and compliance exception data, next action or contact channel effectiveness using the TECHCOM Reporting and Analytics engine.  Leverage adhoc query capabilities or variable driven reporting to view current day data values – combine this with historical data and available 3rd party data sources to create a consolidated quantitative visualization.

Business Intelligence and Analytics
Unify statistics, data analysis and learning methods to derive quantifiable strategies and insights focused on improved customer engagement, portfolio performance and overall operation efficiency and effectiveness


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