Customer Refinancing and Retention

Analyze market, economic, lead and internal data sources to identify customers that qualify for refinance to elevate the customer experience as part of a best in class customer retention strategy

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Customers are one of your organizations greatest assets.  In the competitive landscape of business, customers are typically tough to acquire and have expectations that change as economic conditions change.  Keep pace with the ever changing market conditions and the impact they have to your customers by automatically executing recurring or event-triggered campaign strategies that combine past outcomes with current day data attributes to enhance your current day decisioning – ensuring you are giving yourself the best opportunity to retain customers by identifying and offering attractive and meaningful refinancing options


With customer acquisition costs continuously on the rise and with consumers becoming more aware of their options, holding onto existing customers is as important as acquiring new ones.

As unfavorable economic conditions surface, so does the ability for some customers to keep up with their financial commitments.  Identify customers who may be adversely impacted by changes in the economic climate by introducing or enhancing preemptive strategies on the TECHCOM Decision Segmentation Workflow process manager and strategy engine.

As economic data and customer activities are fed into the TECHCOM Decision Segmentation Workflow process manager and strategy engine, new refinancing options based on your corporate credit risk appetite are identified.  Use TECHCOM OMNI-One to connect and correspond with your customer to offer revised refinancing terms.

Manage the refinancing process, identifying any opportunities for full or partial loan forgiveness or postponement and create the necessary correspondence that combines all customer products into a consolidation loan by using the TECHCOM Customer Relationship Manager.


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